Objective of our company is to be investment mediation center that complies with international standard and contributes toward the development of overall business environment in Mongolia.

About company

Professional business consulting

We are working this field to offer new technology and new idea to our customer for more than 10 years in Mongolia. Our company keep built stable and long-term relationship with our customer by satisfy their request. We are the professional business consultant.

Market research, consumer research and investment projects, writing is one of the market leader in training and consulting services company.

About company

Features of the company

We are considering more on any business research, implementing project of investment since we establish the company in 2009.


Skilled data collection ability 



Collect the substantial data from initial database 


Highly experienced business advisers  


Experience advisers with ecomic, business and finance field  


Highly experienced ability on methodology of research and credit rating 


10 years experiences for economics, business and finance field  

Training and business consulting

How to make a business project
Research and methodological training is conducted regularly.

Ask about training (+976) 99058841,

We offer monthly subscription training and group training.
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Social responsibility

We are established and organize the scientific conference named Mongol sudlaach in order to complete our social responsibility. Conference helps to young researcher who willing to work in this field to gain their ability and knowledge.

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